Our Company


WORKSHOP ART GALLERY LLAPANMAKI SAC, a second-generation family business founded in 1986, is located in the city of Ayacucho to approximately 10 hours from the capital of Peru. Since its inception the main objective of the company has been and always will be to offer a quality product and the best possible service to customers

The main activity is the manufacture and sale of textile crafts, handmade, for use in home decor accessories for women, self-produced with many designs and colorful stained by ourselves, which allows us to adapt to any demand the client’s.

A combination of tradition and design, the use of procedures and craftsmanship of yesteryear with new patterns and colors allows us to create almost exclusive different tissues, at the same time maintaining the traditional bases without giving reasons and new colors, giving thus a fresh look at our work that have been requested from different destinations in the world for years.

WORKSHOP ART GALLERY LLAPANMAKI SAC has generated work for men and women in shantytowns and rural communities of extreme poverty and victims of terrorism by helping them develop their skills and improve their quality of life